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You slap me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize

11 June 1987
2001: a space odyssey, , a clockwork orange, adam and joe, adult swim, african polyrhythms, akira, al pacino, all about my mother, alphaville, alto saxaphone, angels with dirty faces, annie hall, apocalypse now, aqua teen hunger force, armando iannucci, barton fink, bette davis, bill hicks, blade runner, blue velvet, brass eye, breathless, brief encounter, brooklyn lager, buster keaton, cary grant, chris morris, citizen kane, clavinet, closely observed trains, curb your enthusiasm, dadaism, de selby, diane keaton, die hard, double indemnity, dr. strangelove, duck soup, edgar degas, edward g. robinson, farfisa organ, fargo, feedback, feeding the ducks, fender jaguar, fire walk with me, frances mcdormand, gabriel byrne, germany, ghost dog, groucho marx, guinness, gundam wing, homestarrunner, ikiru, ingmar bergman, isihac, jam, james cagney, james stewart, john turturro, kagemusha, katherine hepburn, krazy kat, kurt schwitters, la strada, larry david, laurel & hardy, lenny bruce, les enfants terribles, love and death, malcolm in the middle, marcello mastroianni, mark rothko, marlon brando, millers crossing, mornington crescent, olives, otters, persona, peter baynham, peter cook, philip guston, philip k. dick, piet mondrian, princess mononoke, private eye, pro football, quimby the mouse, quotation, ran, rhodes piano, rififi, scanners, scrubs, sealab 2021, sean lock, sean young, seinfeld, sex and the city, sherlock jr., silent films, smile, space ghost, spinal tap, steve albini, steve buscemi, stranger than paradise, talk to her, taxi driver, the big lebowski, the brak show, the day today, the general, the godfather, the guardian, the public enemy, the searchers, the shining, the third man, toshiro mifune, touch of evil, trade unionism, white heat, woody allen